Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Universal drone backpack
Are you looking for a good backpack for carrying your drone of any size? Then you should consider the Universal Drone Pack. Personally, I use it to transport my Z250 racing frame (which I had been carrying around in a big box) and it perfectly fits into the straps and can’t fall out. However, you should be careful when carrying your quad and when deciding on where to place it as it will remain exposed to various elements. You should always place the quad right side up. 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Best selling drone for 2016
1. Camera 
A modern quadcopter requires to have a reliable camera. This is one t ensure there are clear images but as well help in clear identification while used for surveillance. Different models come with varying camera models as well and this means they have vary capabilities. It is important to choose one that fits best to the activity you are seeking to use the quadcopter. Modern technological advances provide with strong cameras with high shooting range and clear vision such as the HD cameras. 

Drone helipad
Landing a drone helicopter is equally exciting as flying to both adults and kids. This is why it is important to have a suitable landing pad that can be used even at night. This high quality drone helicopter pad is designed in a way that users can have the perfect landing. The drone helipad has certain qualities and features that make it an essential component for anyone with a drone helicopter. One of the primary features of this drone helicopter pad is that it is of the perfect size. Its size allows it to comfortably accommodate drone helicopters of up to twenty fie inches in length. I came to know that its size is perfect after my nephew visited and he came with his drone helicopter which was bigger than the one used by my son. At first I was worried that his helicopter was too big for this landing pad but then after testing we realized that the pad can accommodate even the relatively large drone helicopter. My son and nephew spent hours trying to see who would have the perfect landing on the pad.

My New Favorite Camera Gear
As a professional mountain biker, avid skier, and full-time adventurer, I've traveled the world in search of the gnarliest trails and steepest descents. Although my passion has always been to share these incredible experiences with the world, I've never really been successful in finding camera gear that lives up to my expectations. Until now, I've never landed on a setup that not only felt comfortable, but also versatile enough for my active lifestyle.

Monday, 18 January 2016

white picture hanging strips
Do Picture Hanging Strips Hold Water in Decorating Rooms?

Photography and decoration are the two lively activities that glow our hearts bright and make them joyful. There are those beautiful pictures you want to remain in the walls. You also do not want to punch holes in your wall to hang picture frames that you will relocate elsewhere or replace within a certain period. Creators of the picture hanging strips must have had beauty in their mind when creating this product. Until today, there is no better technology, no matter how small or big it is, has outdone the picture frame wall adhesive strips. A case of being faithful in little things, the picture frame hanging strip is officially a camera supplies and accessory. You are likely to find these strips in the photography studio shop soon if they have not arrived there yet suggesting that even professional photography services and specialist in frame pictures have approved the adhesive.